Words of the Rose

bondage by chains of flight
sick of dying
good for a laugh
bad for a cry
floor creaks
window breaks the pain
shine of the son
rain of god
eat the dead
kill the fighters
maim the runners
break the strong
blind those who see
dumb the tellers
tear the torn
tear the eyes of the gods
escape the hands of the weak
the paws of the cats
the jaws of the dog
rise to conquer
fight the change
ride the winds of the mouths
months of cries
years of sighing to the lite
oh, for love and truth
oh, for life and trust
oh, for the words of the rose
red is the rose
rising to steal the eye
jealous are the weeds
cruel are the rains
or so they think
die the weeds
die down the rains
live on the rose
close at night
open for lite
protected by thorns of fear
beauty survives the beast
up with the god
clouds pass the sun
eyes cry to it
that burning thing
roses don’t cry tears for the sun


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